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Based upon the fact that Saudi Arabia has the highest petrol yield over the rest of other countries, but still has no biodiesel production factories, 2030 Kingdom’s vision focused on new ways to produce alternatives to traditional petrol, so our company is the first company to put this vision into real; our first project will be in Al-Kharj area near Riyadh (Saudi Arabia Capital), with a production capacity of 200 tpd as a first stage. Our production will be according to International Standards. We have our own way to collect used vegetable oils from different resources and also signed three agreements with international companies that work in this field to provide us with our demand from used vegetable oils according to international standards.

We make an effort to start ecological biodiesel creation as well as local industry consumption by improving the house utilized vegetable oil collection and transformation. Biodiesel manufactured from utilized vegetable oil could substitute 25% from the diesel fuel utilization. Our main goal is to encouraging Associates to achieve the 2030 objectives. The home-based field, where there are not any extensive distributed assortment programs, will be the primary supply of utilized vegetable oil.